Sunset at Anjuna Beach_Guru Cafe

Enter the Guru

Enter the Guru

Parking my bike in the shade, I stepped towards the entrance of Guru Cafe.
It was evening, around 6pm, perfect time to relax and enjoy a cup of ginger lemon tea, while watching the sun set.


Ginger Honey Lemon – relaxation heaven

The menu was quite varied and reasonable, with options for Italian, continental and Israeli food. I settled for lemon tea and an Italian snack, Caprese (don’t have it). They brought the tea quickly but the Caprese took over half an hour. It was just tomato pieces on bread, sprinkled with sad bits of cheese. Not worth the wait. At all.

However it was nice to see people chilling and enjoying the music.

One of the things I love about Goa is how the food, music and the place just go together so well. This is one of the prime motivators to keep going out and exploring new places.