Goan Flavour_Story Behind The Blog

I will be honest.

Goanflavour was born out of a need to create a record for all the memorable food joints in Goa.¬†Also, I wanted to to have a sort of aim for weekends, which are otherwise spent lounging at home or in front of the T.V. I had enough of mind numbing brain mushing weekends which weren’t really contributing to the quality of life.

I have lived in over 20 different countries since childhood, courtesy a dad whose work involved massive amounts of travel. Russia, Japan, Mauritius, Syria, Maldives, UK, France and more. I have been there, enjoyed food with people of different cultural backgrounds. I have had steaming cups of tea in small cold mountain shacks, and also enjoyed gourmet meals at 5 star restaurants.

Tea in the mountains

Tea in the mountains

I enjoy escaping to the mountains, whether winter or spring. One of the most memorable trips was hiking up the mountains in Triund, with a couple of college mates. It was a 4 hour trek with rocky paths and shaggy green trees. Sometimes there was only a path a foot wide, with a 2000m drop on one side and mountain wall on the other. We met an Israeli couple on the way. The dude was wearing a ridiculously large cowboy hat, while the girl was looking green in the gills. The Israeli dude sang hindi songs and offered us his bottle of Chivas when we helped them out with medicine for mountain sickness.

For most of 2011, I was on the islands of Maldives. Exploring different resorts every month, I must

Fishes in the Maldives

Fishes in the Maldives

have visited at leaset 20-30 different high end resorts. We also went snorkelling, cruising with

dolphins and eating varied Maldivian, Thai, Indonesian and continental cuisine. Heady times and all the good eating has left me with a bulge that needs immediate attention.

So the posts brought to you here, are the experiences of a seasoned traveler who has ended up in places he never planned to, hung out with all sorts of interesting and wacky characters and survived.

How did you fall in love with food and travel? What are your most memorable experiences involving the two?