Delicious Goan Ros Omelette

A slight drizzle fell on us, as we made our way to the Ros Omelette stall in Panjim, the capital of Goa.

Thought it was around 8.30 pm, and getting dark, there was a sizable crowd of loyal patrons huddled around the small, brightly lit Ros Omelette stall, a beacon of light for hungry souls like us.

So what is the delicious Goan Ros Omelette all about anyway?

It is one of the most fabulous creations of Goan cuisine. Simple, yet delicious. Ros is a Konkani word meaning gravy. You know what an omelette is. The dish itself consists of 3 components.

A well made omelette, prepared appropriately with onions and tomato. 2 hot buns toasted to perfection with generous helpings of golden butter. The omelette is put in a small steel dish, and finally drowned in steaming,hot chicken curry, resplendent with spices. At some places, mutton replaces the chicken in the curry. The cook finally sprinkles freshly chopped onions and coriander to complete it.

Hot Buns and Hotter Ros Omelette!

Hot Buns and Hotter Ros Omelette!

I sneaked this photo of the omelette the guy next to me was having, while waiting for our order. He gave me a funny look, but went on eating.

The Ros Experts

The Ros Experts

The 2 guys were so busy making the food and dishing it out, I could hardly place our order. My friend and I watched as the tawa guy fried egg after egg with intense concentration. There was a smooth fluidity, a practiced expertise in their movements, the way they poured the chicken curry, the way they toasted the dancing buns. Swift and efficient, with no wasted movements.

The day will come when I will be able to cook like that, win Top Chef and blow Padma Lakshmi’s mind with rad Ros Omelette skills!

I noticed some people having a Coke with their Ros Omelette. Thumbs up to that!

Our steaming hot dishes arrived, and we were gasping for air as we ate the mouth watering Ros Omelette. It was hot! The shop guy poured extra curry when it finished.

Total Cost?

Rs. 60 for 2 Ros Omelette (Rs.30 each) + Rs.20 for Boiled Eggs + Rs.15 for extra buns = Rs. 95 (US$ 1.5)

So for Rs. 100 or US$ 1.5, two people can have a belly filling hearty snack!


It opens in the evening after 7pm, and closes by around 9.30-10pm. No omelette n the morning or afternoon, so keep in mind this is an evening thing.

Location and Directions?

Central Panjim. Take the right before Hotel Mandovi, towards the Adidas showroom, and you’ll find the Ras Omelette stall I went too (marked in orange on the map). My colleague told me about another famous stall (marked in blue on the map) near the garden, Jardim Garcia de Orta.  Here’s the map:

Ras 1 and Ras2!

Ras 1 and Ras2!

There are lots of other places serving Ros Omelette around Panjim, so look around at your leisure and choose your favorite :)!

Here’s some other great links for Ros Omelette:

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This is one simple dish you can easily make at home. I can make the omelette, unfortunately chicken curry is a little out of my league at the moment. But that peak shall be conquered soon!

After having this, I’m convinced Ros Omelette is truly the way to enjoy egg with gravy! Join me on the next trip!

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