Fried Prawns and Chicken Noodles_Old Goa

It gets hard sometimes, in the routine of everyday work, to stop, step back and remember that there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. You start feeling slow, change channels mindlessly, shuffle from sofa to the fridge to the bathroom.

It’s time to get out.

One weekend, I took a bus at 9am to go to Panjim. A brownish red Maharashtra State Transport that brought back childhood memories of when I used to visit my grandparents. Reaching Panjim, I hired a bike and headed out.

Travelling on roads unknown, I ended up in Old Goa. There was such a feeling of freedom in just picking a road, having no plans, just zipping along, feeling the wind on your body and the throb of the motorcycle.

My first impression of Old Goa; tall shady trees and ancient buildings. I parked in the shade and headed to see this huge church. It was Christmas time and there were a lot of decorations. I went inside, soaking the cool quiet of the interiors. People shuffled slowly in groups, their whispers amplified in the huge halls.


Majestic, tall and imposing

I took a couple of pictures of the Christmas tree as well.


Bright and cheery!

Feeling a bit hungry, I stepped out and got back on the bike. I stopped at a small restaurant not far from the church. I ordered Fried Prawns and Chicken Noodles. Though greasy, the noodles were nice. However, the Fried Prawns were really something else.Image

Try the above with a cold Nimbu juice, if you are ever in Old Goa on a hot day.