“I love deadlines…

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

– Douglas Adams

Hey guys.

Douglas Adams is one of my most favourite authors, and this quote from his book is perfect for describing the past week. I set myself a goal and was busy preparing two kickass items for Goan holiday goers buuuuut there was a slight delay.

But no worries!

Very soon, you’ll get two detailed itineraries for having a killer time in Goa.

1. Killer Goa Trip by College Students

2. Killer Weekend Goa_Bangalore edition

This will have detailed information with everything regarding travel, budget, best parts of the trip as well as what to watch out for in Goa.

These interviews take place with actual people who visited Goa recently. I promised the Bangalore guys that their names are going to be up in Neon lights for being the first to contribute :)!

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I am enjoying writing!

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Ever missed a deadline? How did you cover up for it?