Goan Flavour Evolution – Update 1

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The golden beaches of Goa.

The golden beaches of Goa.

This blog, if it isn’t obvious from the title, is all about Goa and capturing snippets of its rich food, music and culture.  Goan Flavour aims to cover travel and holiday experiences as well catering to the budget, mid range and – traveler. It is aimed both at foreigners and Indians looking to visit one of India’s most relaxed and party going destinations.

Party On!

Party On!

Though I am trained as a computer engineer, since 2011, I have been involved with the high end luxury resort development for work. This has led me to extensively travel all over the Maldives and India, giving me a good idea about having a great guest experience. And I strive to bring the same to you over here at Goan Flavour.

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The site is in constant evolution, and has gone through a few significant changes since starting out on March 1, 2013. I am still learning and improving things as I go along. There are still kinks and rough edges, and I would be glad if you could point them out so I can take care of it. For example, when I tried to set up the Music Player, all it says is “Play It!”, which looks kinda of weird on the blog posts. I will fix it shortly, or remove it all together if I can’t!

Also, as far as possible, I prefer to use my own pictures (all taken by iPhone 4s) in order to provide you with the latest and most authentic pictures of Goa. So what you see is what you get. The real deal.

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