Battle with the Subscribe Button and Opening the Floodgates of Internet Money

Hi All

I just read this nice post by Quixotic Semiotic and you should totally check it out, especially if you are in India and in your twenties.

It’s about the issues that hit you when you hit twenty.

The post’s honesty is so refreshing, plus the themes it touches on are totally relevant to twenty-year-olds like me. No offence to non-twenties. 

The above mentioned post inspired this post and its rather unconventional title. I felt inspired to be honest about the ongoing stuff on Goan Flavour.

As you may know, I recently shifted to self hosting on WordPress. While I said that this was for greater control and all; all that is bull*@#$. After researching about blogging and how to make money online, I was set-my-pants-on-fire excited to get started, write a blog, add ads and make big moolah. Then I could quit my job, retire to my beach bungalow, sip on my cocktail drink and laugh at the suckers who sweat it out going to work, never realizing the rat race they are in.

Easier said than done.

It’s been 2 weeks, and I am engaged in an epic battle with the Subscribe button (it’s on every page and it’s not working 😦). Shifting hosting took 7 days. Then there’s the deal with nameservers; they’ve to be shifted to point at the new address. Pretty simple, right?

Not! I shifted the nameservers and my site disappeared. No more access to the cool Goan Flavour blog. Instead, you got a happy alligator offering to host your website. Noooo!

Ok. Back up. Study more, did more hectic research. Figured out how to log in on and start posting stuff. Still no way to transfer all the old content.

At this point, I was also struggling with the message of Goan Flavour. I’d done a ton of research on blogging, and found some pretty amazing stuff. How do I share that with readers appropriately, on a travel blog? Should I keep it about Goa, about travel? How does it grow and where does it go? How do I write cool stuff about Goa that people want to read?

Why have the internet money gods forsaken me? WHY???


I have since calmed down, and stopped entreating the money gods, and focusing more on creating quality content which will help people visiting Goa, whether they are travelling solo, with friends or family.

“Enjoy the journey, not the destination.”

I’ll probably start a new site to explain the whole setting up website and self hosting, as starting my own site has been one of the most fun and liberating things I’ve done.

On that note, I’d like to point all the readers and followers here to the new residence of Goan Flavour.


Goa fun blog

Booking Holidays:

Book Holiday Now

Go here when you need info about Goa, and/or book a holiday. I do believe it has some really unique reviews, great places to visit, and all kinds of helpful info. I hope to expand the scope of the site to include posts reminiscing in deep philosophical ways that show you how cool and deep I am.

But for now, it’s back to battling with the subscribe button and working to open the floodgates of Internet money.

Enjoy and have a nice day :)!

4 thoughts on “Battle with the Subscribe Button and Opening the Floodgates of Internet Money

  1. This is why I’m afraid to take the plunge and shift to self-hosting. As many benefits as it has (most of it monetary, $$$ anyone?), at this point I don’t feel like its worth the hassle. For you though, it makes sense. Good luck with that!

    • Yes, the WordPress community is definitely nice, supportive and generally ad-free.
      I hope to learn enough about the self hosting process and share it, so that it’s hassle free for others contemplating the same.
      Thanks for the encouragement :).

  2. Good luck with all that. Sounds like you’re having barrels of fun over there. I don’t need the headache right now so I’m good for the time being. Let us know how it goes!

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