Best Wood fired Pizza de Goa at Chapora

On Saturday evening, I heard good music and smelt a heavenly flavor wafting out of this place in North Goa, quite busy even though it was off season in Goa.

Pizza Roma - Abode of blessed thin crust pizzas

Pizza Roma – Abode of blessed thin crust pizzas

Authentic Italian Pizza in Goa?

Of course, I stepped in to check it out.

The preparations

The preparations

They were quite meticulous and focused on their preparation; always a good sign. I tapped my foot to the music, after giving an order for a Pizza de Goa; the fact that it had lots of cheese and chunks of the famed Goan sausages was mouth-wateringly appealing.

Into the hot oven

Into the hot oven

There was a Italian family sitting, with little kids running around shouting “Salami! Salami”, and a couple of other tourists. Enough seating for around 20 people, with 4-5 tables. Its a nice place to go with 4-5 friends and gorge on pizzas, which come in 2 sizes; 12-inch and 8-inch. Though I love the Cheese Burst crusts of Dominoes, thin crust wood fire oven pizzas are something else.

Resistance was futile

Resistance was futile

Since I was alone sadly :(, I had the 8-inch Pizza de Goa.

It was nice, hot, well baked, and bursting with cheesy goodness. I will be sure to try some other ones on my next visit. Definitely visit here if you ever happen to be in North Goa.

It’s a 10min bike ride from Vagator beach, just opposite Sakana, the Japanese restaurant I’ve covered earlier.

Feeling hungry :P?

Your comments here :)

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