Délicieux – Traditional French Patisserie at Morjim

I was driving back when I crossed this newly opened Patisserie between Morjim and Ashwem, north Goa. By the time it registered that I hadn’t seen this place before, I’d already gone ahead around 1km. So I braked, and went back. One more place for Goan Flavour :).

At the door

At the door

It has a nice, clean and spacious entrance. There were 2 tables with chairs and a sofa. A very relaxed ambiance.

The lady behind the counter told me that all the food apparently came from a cooking class held at Siolim, close by. Interesting.

Siolim Cooking Class

Siolim Cooking Class

So of course I ordered a Marble Brownie pie, a chocolate mousse pastry, a vegetarian quiche and a mango smoothie.

While I waited for the order, I walked around, absorbing the place. There was a nice painting of a Kathakali dancer on the wall, which I believe had been painted entirely using oil and finger prints (am no expert). It was a really engaging picture and I liked the dancer’s expression. The name of the artist wasn’t very clear. Will ask the owner the next time.

What's she thinking?

What’s she thinking?

I sat down on the sofa to enjoy the smoothie and quiche. Rest to be shared with my colleagues back where I stay.

Afternoon delight

Afternoon delight

Goan Flavour Verdict: All in all, not too bad. They have a nice variety of pastries and French snacks. It’s a new place so they have some growing pains; their microwave was broken, so they couldn’t heat the order. But the staff is enthusiastic and friendly, and I would definitely go back to try some other stuff.

Your comments here :)

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